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May I please introduce myself?  It's Me Florin Red Beret and I am glad to lead you through the pages of our cattery. 
You will get a short overview of the cats in our cattery, the litters up from summer 2002 and the humans who are happy to work as our servants.

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If you want more detailed information especially about all of kittens from the beginning on, take a look at "A Guide to German Pages", where you will find hints to the information that is written on them and the links to all of the cats, kittens and pedigrees that are related to our cattery.

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Some details about the development of It's Me ....

It all began in late 1995 when  Harald and Viktoria decided to find a red- or blue tabby Maine Coon girl and started to phone around.
On 6th. Jan. 1996 they visited Margit, saw Ashanti and brought her home. As Lisa, the 14 year old household pet refused to accept her, they looked for a 2nd MC and got Mia around Easter 96.
Harald decided to bring the girls to a cat show in June 96. More shows followed. In autumn 96, both began to think about breeding and started to learn about cats, cat-behaviour and cat breeding.  But be sure, we still can make them feel like knowing nothing at all about us.
First kittens arrived on 05/08/1997.
Cattery show results:

  • 1st European Champion was Virginia's Yamara of It's Me
  • 2nd European Champion was It's Me Baltimore Red
  • 3rd European Champion was It's Me Claire de la Lune
  • 1st Grand European Champion was Forest House Frederic Fidelio of It's Me
In February 2002, our cattery was joined by Doris. She got her first It's Me boy at Christmas 1999 and we all are glad that she decided to breed with her cats and associated to us.
More about Harald, Viktoria and Doris